Three best PC games

Three best PC games

PC players are doing very good things. Interesting, independent experimental game? Yes. Complex strategy simulation? total. The most beautiful and beautiful version of the big budget console game? You also get a lot.
Let’s say you joined an elite PC recently. Which game will you install? Please start with the above video.
1. Sorcerer 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has no lack of ambition. The last adventure of Geralt de Rivia is a large scale, I lose myself for hours and is a world where I can do a lot more. There are tons for Witcher’s stubborn fans, but you do not have to take full advantage of Witcher’s game. Today, many games have vast landscapes, but The Witcher 3 is pretty dense. Every corner is packed with memorable characters, intelligent lyrics, and rewards for curious players. The main stories are so exciting that they get tired emotionally, and secondary jobs are worth it. Since its release in 2015, The Witcher 3 has a number of free upgrades and upgrades, including a number of paid upgrades, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine Yes. Overall experience has become richer and more prosperous than ever.
Match for fans: fans like Open World fans, especially Skyrim, but fans disappointed in the fight. In The Witcher 3, battle is about as fun as exploration.
It is not suitable for people who value time and social life, those who want to play games that can be completed in a few hours.

Second civilization V
In the six years since Civilization V was released, we investigated it twice, not twice. This is to provide that these games play and repeat, Civ VI also does not change. The last entry adds many new ideas to Firaxis’ proven formula, and some new ideas are better than the other ideas, but everything is more than the sum of that part. Mechanical adjustment and sophistication are packed in subtle aesthetics of board games. This is very pleasing to my twenties as in the 10th year. We will play this game for years.

There are no fans of Civ, people who have never played the game of Civ, hate Civ.

Final Fantasy XIV
In 2010, SQUARE ENIX released FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE. It was just the worst, the most complex, incomplete one. confusion. Developers spent three years rebuilding games from scratch. The end result is one of the best multiplayer online role-playing games ever. This means that all fans love Final Fantasy. An attractive piece packaged with traditional MMO settings, an attractive story, beautiful music. This Square Enix paint will distinguish him and his competitors and put him in this list.

I want to experience massive multiplayer diving, a fan of amazing role-playing video game. Original Final Fantasy XIV was a mix of contradictory ideas as all players wanted to become a standard MMO game with the familiar functions of Final Fantasy Game. That is Reborn’s world.

Useless: People are afraid of monthly subscription. Despite the fact that MMORPG’s genre has developed into a free payment model, Final Fantasy XIV also applies to monthly subscriptions.

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