Three best PC games you can play

Three best PC games you can play

PC players are doing very good things. Interesting, independent experimental game? Yes. Complex strategy simulation? total. The most beautiful and beautiful version of the big budget console game? You also get a lot.
Let’s say you joined an elite PC recently. Which game will you install? Please start with the above video.

1. Crusaders Kings II
Crusader Kings II started in 2012 as a very good game. It was one of the most comprehensive and unique strategic experiences in all video games, after a constant series of extensions and updates to add new challenges, ranges and dimensions to an already comprehensive set.

A man who knows the madness of history, the kingdom going up and down much more than the force of the army.
Not very suitable: everyone is looking for a simple game. Crusader Kings 2 is infamous and uncertain, and it takes time to wrap your head around you.

2nd Undertale
Although undertale may look like a retro style JRPG, it is an unusual avant – garde. As human beings in the monster world, we decide whether or not to receive interactions based on blind violence and intellectual circumstances (speaking, jokeing, caressing etc). I keep track of everything you are doing. He is very cautious and often expresses this attention in an amazing way. It affects all the lives you take. Despite these pitfalls, Undertale is a very hot, ambiguous and fun game. Regardless of whether you are shooting or being friends with a friend (or running on the way), the sentences of this game are top notch, the soundtrack does not match anyone, the story line is a secret Hiding the treasure trove of.

It is a good partner for those who love the story of smart video games, fans of games that hurt expectations, those who already feel loneliness.
In the case of shoot-ups and hard boss combat (both elements are in the Undertale combat system), those who have not read the dialogue are enemies of Pixel Art Lo-Fi.

3. XCOM 2
XCOM 2 refines and writes almost everything related to XCOM: Enemy Unknown (a game that was already sufficient to win Kotaku’s 2012 Game of the Year). This game is nasty and faster than before. Most missions have timers that are forced to take risks and new types of aliens can even break your proven strategies. It is more difficult to see that they are bound on the ground, being tied to a team of more customizable soldiers. 2017 The impressive expansion of the election reorganized the game from the top down, already exceeded it.

For good games: Strategy fans, those who enjoyed the first game, who want to know how difficult it is always to force a profession from there.

It is not easy to find: a person who is easily frustrated, a person who asks for a simple game, a person who shoots at a short distance as the dice approaches.

All the games on this list are awesome PC games. But among all platforms of The Bests’ collection, the PC was the longest, therefore had the largest catalog bag. If you own a PC, there are decades of wonderful PC games. It will be easy if you do not play the best through classical. Fortunately we have two lists to help you. In 2013, our readers helped us to make a comprehensive master of the best classic PC games ever. After that, in 2015 I made 24 lists of the finest PC games.

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