Three best PC games you can know

Three best PC games you can know

PC players are doing very good things. Interesting, independent experimental game? Yes. Complex strategy simulation? total. The most beautiful and beautiful version of the big budget console game? You also get a lot.
Let’s say you joined an elite PC recently. Which game will you install? Please start with the above video.
1. Hitman
In Hitman, a simple setup opens the way for abnormally complex games. You enter the level with the destination. You can delete this target freely. Perhaps you may be in Paris’ fashion show. Perhaps you are on the market in front of the Moroccan embassy. Perhaps you are in a spacious Italian villa, probably chic Bangkok hotel. No matter where you are, you will be impressed that the detailed watch community of Hitman encourages you to explore and use. The killing of the keystory is the tip of the iceberg, such as repetitive escalation, player’s challenges, stealth challenge, costumes, hard goals that do not meet the most satisfying collection of spies. Yes, Blood Money was awesome, but this new hit man represents the highlights of the series.

Classic spy movie fan, people who like dressing up, meticulous people trying to make plans

No, do not match: People want good direct actions and stealth games – Hitman has both elements, but somehow is his own.
2. Witnesses
You are alone on an island surrounded by puzzles. This is a very complicated game, it is a really simple witness. It is obvious that some of the puzzles are stacked in neat rows on the screen in front of you. It is not much easier to find other puzzles. While each of them interferes and confuses you, over time, like the wheel of a fine-crafted watch, gradually demolish them until the wonderful design of the game is presented before you . Depending on the game, there are games that raise the character level and enter the new area. This will level you up. You finally find a solution to the witness’s mystery, so there is little satisfactory feeling in the game. A new door opens with just one click.

People who love Magic, want to see how modern evolution looks, demons of puzzles, people who like challenges, people who like it.

For those who are seeking action, they do not like game puzzles, usually for those looking for answers.

3. Divinity: Original sin 2
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a very funny, always amazing RPG, already extending and enhancing almost all of the greatest predecessors. It may seem like another great world at first glance, but the more you explore it, the more interesting it will be. Between complicated things and turn-based battle rewards and in parallel with open quests and stories, Original Sin 2 gives players unusual freedom to tell their stories. Of course it is a sophisticated game master mode that allows you to create and create campaigns so that your friends can work together. Let’s try out exotic things over and over again. In most cases, they will do it.

Those who enjoyed the first game, fans of the Ultima series, and other similar CRPGs inspired by Divinity

It’s pretty good for those who are looking for RPGs that do not like complicated and difficult games.

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