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Six things you would like to see at E3 from Nintendo

Six things you would like to see at E3 from Nintendo

What is coming … EA
EA play will be held just before the official E3 kickoff, Hollywood’s Los Angeles Hollywood Palladium, June 9-11.

EA confirmed that fans had the opportunity to play by looking at the latest EA Sports titles such as Madden 19, FIFA 19, NHL 19, NBA Live 19.

Although it was confirmed that a new battlefield game will be released, I do not know what is actually included in the game.

Anthem is trying to fix Mass Effect Andromeda’s mistake with monster’s new IP hunt by Canadian developer Bioware, Mashup of Lost Planet, Dark Void, Destiny. Dynamic environment, intense weather conditions, cooperative behavior are attracting attention and the release date has been delayed recently, but it is one of the biggest sales of the show.

What is coming … Ubisoft
Ubisoft confirmed that a press conference will be held from 1 pm to 9 pm on June 11.
Besides the new Assassin Creed (Personally, I hope that the development cycle every 2 years of origin will become the new standard), Ubisoft expects to use other Tom Clancy franchises to make this possible . The rumor that Michael Ironside will come back to Sam Fisher is looking forward to the Sprinter cell after MGSV and how it will improve with underestimated blacklist. A bit more detailed information will be expected once the information on Division 2 is confirmed.

Then, there is a big one: Beyond Good & Evil 2. It is an amazing revelation of E3 2017 and it is in the early stages of game development, but 2018 will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original game His World and the Upcoming Game A little more insight about the nature. Oh, can I see Rainbow Six Siege 2? There is a possibility of following up siege attacks in Los Angeles with one of the biggest communities outside of COD and Battlefield.

What is coming … Bethesda
Bethesda announced that the press conference will be held on June 10 (Sun) at 6:30 pm (PT) on June 10, confirmed the existence at E 3 2018. The trailer who announced the presentation featured figures representing the major Bethesda franchises: Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout. But he did not say exactly what kind of revelation we could expect.
We can expect a couple of things at this year’s show, including new developments of Elder Scrolls Online and new additions to Quake Champions.

On the aspect of low safety, we expect to announce new AAA from Bethesda this year. Restarting the new Wolfenstein, Doom, returning to the new Dishonored and Fallout recently wants to return from Elder Scrolls. As mentioned earlier, Bethesda plans two games before Elder Scrolls 6, so this year we can see a completely new Bethesda IP address or Doom sequel.
Perhaps DLC of Wolfenstein 2 will be announced and I will learn more about mobile games that the company is working on.
We also hope that advertisements for switchports that are annoying the switch will be welcomed.

square Enix
Square-Enix did not go to E3 2017 much, but 2018 is a big year for Japanese publishers. Therefore it is not surprising that the publisher announced a showcase of 10h PT / 18h BST on 11th June. The remake of Final Fantasy 7 (or at least the first episode) will be one of the biggest selling points since it will be three years after the official announcement of 2015.

Kingdom Hearts 3 should also fall in 2018, and since Square-Enix restarted all other entries, unnatural subtitles remain. Although the world of Toy Story and Big Hero 6 has already been confirmed, fans of Sora, Donald, Goofy are already over.

Next is the sequel to the tomb invader, the shadow of the tomb invader. With Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex Fame) under development and Uncharted, there are two remarkable entries since Tomb Raider came and I hope Lady Croft will regain the treasure hunting crown of Nate, Chloe, Nadine.

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