The most popular online games in your state

The most popular online games in your state

Online gambling is popular. But you already knew it or probably would not have read this article. The question now is that online games are the most popular one.

The most popular online games in your state
The actual number of athletes in each state’s games may be difficult to find. Game makers themselves have this data of course, but for obvious reasons they are close enough to the chest. Game publishers publish active user data, but since they are hardly available at the state level, they usually need to be handled carefully. Instead of getting actual user data from each game maker, we adopted a different approach.

In order to find the most popular online games in each state, I saw Google search data for five years. The game we are talking about the most today is a common console game like FIFA and Call of Duty in common PC games such as DOTA and Overwatch. From our analysis, two big winners emerged: Legend of Legends and World of Warcraft. According to the Google Trends survey, LoL and WoW outperform competing performance on most genres and platforms at the country level.

* One exception: Minecraft simply destroyed all the competition in the search volume, making the map less funny. We could fully contribute to why and where the Minecraft is prevalent, but probably it has to be. However, I ignored this time because it seems this is an unusual genre.

Interesting observation from data
Our total winner card is very similar to the recently created election card. Like the Democratic Party, LoL seems to have a stronger presence in urban areas where Wow appears to be popular in strong republics and rural countries. Do what you want, unless you are doing it.
Many of the games we saw boast extraordinarily high popularity in all low density provinces, including Utah, Idaho, Alaska, West Virginia.
According to daytime, Kansas State vibrates from LoL State to WoW State. Actual online battlefield conditions.

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