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E3 2018: All the latest news and rumors of this year’s large game show

E3 2018: All the latest news and rumors of this year’s large game show

E3 2018 is a matter of just a few weeks. If you are not the player at the heart of Atari 2600, you will probably hear the biggest show on the calendar of the game. Every June, the best and brightest person in the industry come to Los Angeles to introduce digital products to the world.

Here, major platform makers (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) introduce the latest hardware and introduce new games that vibrate keyboard and keyboard. Here we got an amazing revelation (Is it the year we finally got Half-Life 3?) And let’s take a closer look at the titles already titled.

When is it?
The next edition of E3 will be held from June 12th until June 14th, 2018. As in most years, the show will be held at the huge Los Angeles Convention Center and will be exhibited at regular lectures, keynote lectures and hands-on booths.

PS4 Pro was introduced two years ago in E3 2018 and since you extended the generation life cycle by at least two years, do not listen to anything any more important. We are convinced that PS 5 is already under development, but we can not see it right away. Shawn Layden has already confirmed that no material will appear in this program.

In addition, I focused on four Sony products, “Death ยท Beaching”, “Tsushima’s Ghost”, “Spider-Man” and “Last We”. The second fan is expected to enjoy deep diving, development updates and so on. A new trailer for all these titles. There are third party advertisements and independent developer ads.

What’s coming … Microsoft
Microsoft confirmed the plan for E3 2018, but this time it is slightly different. Microsoft takes leaves from EA books and runs from the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center to host more fans-focused events at Microsoft Theater. Microsoft will continue to attend traditional shows, but this section will be assigned to streaming service Mixer. It is true that it partially explains the round floorplan and shows that Microsoft’s presence is much smaller.

Even Microsoft’s cloud is starting to move. The Galan Center will be held on June 10 at 13:00 CET / 9: 00 pm at the Microsoft Theater.

This change seems to be due to an increase in the number of spectators and an increase in the size of the glasses due to the opening of doors by the general public.

Mike Nichols, vice president and chief marketing officer, said, “At Microsoft Theater you can centralize your presence on Xbox 3 D as well as join more fans and partners at Xbox 3E 2018 briefing. before.

I now know when the show will be held and where it will happen, but I do not know what has been announced yet. After the announcement of Xbox One X in 2017, more software driven cases are expected.

Halo 6 [Insert forgotten subtitle] serves as the last chapter of the 343 Industries Post-Bungie trilogy. I do not think developers will leave Master Chief soon, but imagine the next Covenant bashing title is sold as a major turning point for the series. It may look like Gears of War 5 (I think it’s an early stage light, you never know), there is a rumor that you can resume Fable and release Fable 4 I hope.

But what about virtual reality? Xbox is investing heavily in HoloLens. The game-related content we saw so far is only in the interactive world of Minecraft, but I hope that you can play with the correct game orientation.

What’s coming … Nintendo

Nintendo confirmed that traditional folklore and a tree house live stream will be held at 6 pm (Tuesday) June 9 (5 p.m.) and 5 pm (Japan time 5 p.m.).

As new Zelda and the new Super Mario are already in circulation, Ninty plans to begin introducing other proven franchises. The new Smash Bros comes from the base of the Switch and includes eSports scenes formed in Brawl and Melee over the years.

Nintendo confirmed that the Smash Brothers became a big target of the show, won the major part of the show, first appeared in the live stream, and revealed a lot of things by itself.

Kirby and Yoshi are expected to experience new adventures in 2018. Therefore, Nintendo expects to publish both games. Yoshi’s Wooly World was a 3DS side scroll hit. What I’ve been looking at suggests that platform games will follow in the same direction. We also expect that Animal Crossing will eventually arrive at the Switch with a new entry (which I do not think so). Please, please, Nintendo …

Metroid Prime 4 is displayed in either Nintendo E3 or Nintendo Direct. Recent 3DS renaissance has gained popularity from fans, so we have great expectations for the next adventure. Finally, there is something everyone has asked: switch based Pokemon. A new entry with a Pokemon star and a nickname may be the resurrection of a new Pureapoke song or sun / moon – just give us the correct Pokemon on our TV, Ninti!

According to the new FCC repository, Nintendo could spend more fun with the redesigned version of the Joy-Con joystick. But those who are expecting a large reconfigured controller may be a bit disappointed. Ranking refers to improving the quality of life to deal with intermittent connection problems since the foundation of Switch. Joicon controller (or at least the left unit) lost connection with the central console, Nintendo did not release partially successful patches and urged players to avoid what is different from the player’s aquarium. microwave. The new pad was able to fix it – in the hope that they will improve the D pad.

Also, I believe that Nintendo has the opportunity to announce a new kit for the next generation Nintendo Labo accessory.

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