The best PC games you can play

The best PC games you can play

PC players are doing very good things. Interesting, independent experimental game? Yes. Complex strategy simulation? total. The most beautiful and beautiful version of the big budget console game? You also get a lot.
Let’s say you joined an elite PC recently. Which game will you install? Please start with the above video.
1. Surwatch
That is a fan art generator. It is a lining of pure cosplay. It is the same kind of machine, water-cooled pillar, cultural obsession. Overwatch is all of this, but first of all it’s a competitive and well-matched video game that successfully promotes competition and enthusiastic teamwork while allowing everyone to have a good time.

A good game objective: a fan who is enjoying Team Fortress 2 fans, action figures together, a person who wants to try the competitor’s first person shooter game, but who has not yet found a suitable person.

It is not a good game. Target: Player who wants to play offline or desires campaign with substantial solo player’s history. Overwatch is exclusively multiplayer.

Second Kentucky Route Zero
Only men and dogs will deliver. Anyway it will start all the way. However, Kentucky Road Zero becomes a mysterious adventure through land abandoned by time, and the adventure of magical realism feels that modern video games are almost spectacular and mysterious to almost refrain. Please play instead of what you played.

A good supplement for someone who is looking for something else. Someone who believes that magic is still hidden somewhere on the highway.

Kentucky Road Zero is a point and click adventure game, it’s pretty easy on that. Even those who want closure, the series of five acts is only the third act, there is a long wait between the chapters.

3. All wars
First total war: Warhammer was a very good strategy game. The sequel is even better, adding as many improvements as new games. This card is one of the best cards I saw in the total war game, with an emphasis on winning with funny non-racing games. Human This is not the proven approach of Total War scroller, but to conquer as many cards as possible and do intelligent and surgical attacks. Thinker’s RTS and the amazingly wonderful introduction of the Warhammer universe.

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