The best 2018 PC games you play

The best 2018 PC games you play

In PC games, if you have a very strong setup, you can find the best graphics for the latest games. Whether Steam, Origin, or GOG, there is the best PC game you need to install right now.

The battlefield of PlayerUnknown is an absolute phenomenon, a record is made after the record, and a lot of parentheses are collected in the middle. So, if you are a few people eating chicken meal, this might be the perfect place to start your collection.
If multiplayer king fight is not yours, I gathered the best games a PC has, including some of the first jewels that appear in 2018.
Regardless of the most beautiful graphics, the strongest strategy, fastest mouse and keyboard responsiveness, everything is covered in PC games and everything you need is ready.
Developer: Firaxis

The continuation of the 2012 restart of the iconic XCOM 2 tactics masterpiece of Julian Gollop takes place 20 years after the event of the original game, but presents the same deeply attractive strategic gameplay.

The newness of this mix is ​​the introduction of a secondary mission objective to add more rapid battle and process diversity and challenges as if XCOM is not strong enough.

Outside the battle, researching and building new weapons and equipment plays an important role in success and spends time learning all the character classes and their respective burdens.
It is rare that the sequel of the title preceding it is completely improved. One of these cases.
Developer: Jonathan Blow
It is somewhat different from the mysterious puzzle game “Mist” of the 90’s, but “witness” is full of puzzles but puts you on a mysterious island running from the direction. It is up to you to feel slowly but certainly in this place.

Jonathan Breu, a famous director with great Blade, handled witnesses rather than oral, challenging players to explore and experience the new environment in various ways. More than 650 different puzzles are introduced, but not everything is necessary to “finish” the game, but still provide many exciting game sessions.

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It is one of the most useful pleasures of the game exploring the world of the witness deeper and the game is as important as Braid 2008. Even if you are not a fan of game puzzles, it is inevitable.

Dark Souls 3
Developer: De Software

A wonderful series of From Software was once considered a cult classic, but suggests that mainstream success is no longer a niche franchise.

The unique approach of this series, combining levels and actions of typical RPG elements such as various weapons, armor, items, spells and actions, enables millions of people to collaborate and compete with famous online elements did. Play skillful players to invade the world for rewards and proud rights.

As usual, the PC version exceeds the performance of the console in terms of graphics and rhythm, and the final experience is gained.

Developer: id software

id software made a game that Doom fans have been waiting for 20 years. In a fast and busy fight, I bleed a lot of blood.

There are 3 modes of campaign, multiplayer, snap map. This is a mode that allows for a unique, robust, collaborative and competitive shared experience. There is no mistake to play here.

Glory Kills also adds a new way to save the devil from hell and enjoys some new designs.

Although not a whole new way, Doom is modernizing the classics for young and adult fans.

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