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The best 2018 PC games you need to know

The best 2018 PC games you need to know

In PC games, if you have a very strong setup, you can find the best graphics for the latest games. Whether Steam, Origin, or GOG, there is the best PC game you need to install right now.

The battlefield of PlayerUnknown is an absolute phenomenon, a record is made after the record, and a lot of parentheses are collected in the middle. So, if you are a few people eating chicken meal, this might be the perfect place to start your collection.
If multiplayer king fight is not yours, I gathered the best games a PC has, including some of the first jewels that appear in 2018.
Regardless of the most beautiful graphics, the strongest strategy, fastest mouse and keyboard responsiveness, everything is covered in PC games and everything you need is ready.

Developer: CD Project Red

Previously, the Witcher series is a program dedicated to PC, and since then has gained fame in the console. However, if you want to experiment with the final version, you need a PC. In the nightmare fantasy world where Assassins lives with undead monsters and mysterious beasts, we choose where PC classicals like Ultima VII are and offer a vast and detailed world. You can tackle in a way that seems appropriate.

You can spend several hours in the green countryside. You can also search adventure and side quests, improve your experience and earn money. Or, if you like, please stick to this story including game hunting and evil adventure.

Developer: Chucklefish Games

Stargew Valley is strongly influenced by the popular Harvest Moon series at the console and is a beautiful farm simulator. You can take over the farm and turn it into a prosperous farm. They can cultivate, cook, something new, eat fish and even form a relationship that leads to marriage.

Handling monsters and quarries is a truly adventurous farmhouse hobby and it is a challenge to make sure your business produces a profit. In particular, you can not do the same thing before your character runs out and you must sleep.

Simple 2D graphics should not let you care.Stardew Valley is addictive like Dark Souls 3 and The Witcher 3.

Developer: Firaxis Games

Civilization VI is the best game of civilization so far. It is not a small problem for franchises with such a godly lineage, but the changes, extensions, and additions that Firaxis developers have made to Civilization VI are not complicated and serious games. It is fun, exciting and unpredictable for tens of hours.

Despite various changes, it is still civilization. They have still built cities, developed empires and developed troops. They are constantly seeking scientific and cultural improvements to plan tailor-made trips through the history of the ancient space era. Diplomacy, religion, commerce – Everything may have started for games of civilization rich in every function.

The latest entry of Microsoft’s very violent shooting franchise may be very good. Developed by The Coalition, Gears of War 4 is the start of a new trilogy with all new characters, enemies, and gaming mechanisms.

As usual, you stick to the high walls where torches and robots are falling on you. Your task is to select the best window to take some pictures. Three shooting games are a beautiful combination of tight shots and wonderful parts, better than Gears. It is better than ever at debut on Xbox One.

Fans of the chaotic online multiplayer series and the addictive provocative hold mode are greatly attractive as two returns of a fresh new iteration here. Of course, Gears of War 4 does not translate the rules of contemporary shooting games correctly, but certainly the best one is needed.

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