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Best 2018 PC Games: What your drill needs

Best 2018 PC Games: What your drill needs

In PC games, if you have a very strong setup, you can find the best graphics for the latest games. Whether Steam, Origin, or GOG, there is the best PC game you need to install right now.

The battlefield of PlayerUnknown is an absolute phenomenon, a record is made after the record, and a lot of parentheses are collected in the middle. So, if you are a few people eating chicken meal, this might be the perfect place to start your collection.
If multiplayer king fight is not yours, I gathered the best games a PC has, including some of the first jewels that appear in 2018.
Regardless of the most beautiful graphics, the strongest strategy, fastest mouse and keyboard responsiveness, everything is covered in PC games and everything you need is ready.

Developer: Vlambeer

Minit is a retro adventure game played in 60 seconds. After a minute you die and will appear in a small area called your home. This unusual singularity makes it extremely worthwhile to explore and solve puzzles as you make a small and important discovery every second.

The image inspired by the legend of Zelda and Undertail is similarly charming, reminiscent of the dark darkness that fascinates players during exploration. The sound design is just as great as moving to the second control.

Developer: Matt makes games

Celeste is a masterpiece of the platform. Towerfall: From Ascension creators, I will play Madeline, a girl who decided to climb a huge mountain here. In her journey, she encounters many of the strange people who emphasize truly charming personality.

Climbing a mountain is a powerful metaphor of Celeste’s mental health research. Madeline has anxiety and panic attacks and climbs the mountain to physically and emotionally overcome her.

Celeste is an absolute gem and definitely will be one of the best in 2018. If it is yours, it is difficult as a nail.

Rainbow Six: Head Office
Rainbow 6 3: Headquarters
twenty two
Developer: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six: Siege has become a big favorite of the “Games as a Service” model. To get regular updates, patches, new content, new characters, and committed communities, it is a shooter suitable for your time.

Get Rainbow Six: Victory on Amazon is only £ 16.99

A sudden learning curve and a lot of team work are necessary, but friends get together, there are not many more useful shooting games on the market.

Rainbow 6: Today’s Best Offer
price comparison

Since its launch in May 2016, Blizzard Entertainment Shooting Games has become one of the world’s largest gambling houses. For just good reason, the studio continues to support creation with new maps, heroes, cosmetics and seasonal events.

Buy Overwatch from Amazon UK

As the hero has been added to the game, this is the title that will provide new content to many years of fans.
After many years of development, Cuphead is here. It is worth the wait. The beauty of Cuphead, which was announced in a fully hand-drawn animation from the 1930’s, only matches reckless difficulty.

He combines the traditional platform stage and a series of challenging boss battles, seeking the highest precision and patience of those who want to succeed. Fortunately, you will be surprised by enchanting visual charm and sharp control.

Developer: machine games

Wolfenstein II: The new giant is a very good first person shooter. It’s a game about killing as many nasty Nazis as possible, but he continues to tell a grand game and a truly compelling story filled with really high emotional levels.

Machine game B. J. Blazkowicz has become one of the most popular tracks in recent years and has expanded his background stories with an excellent cast that was actually lively and vivid in the world of Wolfenstein.

Developer: Larian Studios

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a magnificent RPG filled with new races, places, quests and so on. Waiting for the player to discover.

After 20 hours, there is always a new mechanic you did not know. In this regard, Original Sin 2 is a bit of a threat to new entrants who need stamina.

Nonetheless, creating the world with the quality of writing is comparable in scope and detail. Experience not to be missed.

Developer: Creative Assembly

The second chapter of the Warhammer trilogy of the creative assembly is here. It is another great RTS of an epic, proliferating fight and an incredibly deep game system.

Warhammer offers a range of new breeds and mechanics that provide a difficult experience for fans of game workshops. Genre veterans are overwhelming for newcomers, but can not tolerate the depth of supply here.

PUBG is the latest title of Early Access and it is a phenomenal phenomenon. Like DayZ, Minecraft and others, this game spread like a wildfire and thousands of players have added it to the world of battle royal style.

Players must jump onto a huge map, fight, survive and prosper. Up to 100 players fighting to death on distant islands are as violent and exciting as you imagine. Desperate resource exploration is a fatal battle for food, fuel and ammunition.

If you have never heard about PUBG before, probably have a chance, so why not join this wonderful game?

Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 is a wonderful first-person shooter and I think it’s great with a good PC. EA and DICE always keep the boat on the PC and this epic of World War I will not change. If you want an incredibly attractive first-person shooter with intense fighting and you want to use a phenomenal multiplayer for your new platform, it is not better than BF 1.

Resident Evil 7 is the return of glory to the legendary horror survival series. Infected fears and rude circumstances were not very specific in the first person viewpoint.

I will play with Ethan, a man looking for missing partners in the Louisiana countryside. Shortly, he will penetrate the Baker family, a group of strange people infected with certain deadly viruses.

He struggles with spreading houses, dirty swamps and other strange places, so if you want to survive, Ethan must solve the best of puzzles and horrible enemies. This is important for horror fans and a clever reboot for problem franchises.

Platinum brought another solid fight, but it turned into a wonderful, fun role-playing game. It also provides a very interesting story that provides more levels.

If you want to divide the robot into many small pieces, this is definitely a game you need to add to your library.

Careless 2
Dunconored 2 is definitely the best Stealth title in 2016. Arcane Studios made the original very attractive and sophisticated. The breathtaking art on the street of Dunwall was not felt so well. They also have a new city in the coastal metropolis Karnaca full of corrupt politicians and paranormal crisis.

Like Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano, you can access an incredibly fun tool or range of abilities. How you use them depends on you. You can end the whole journey without hurting your soul or killing any idiots in sight. Of course, your actions have a moral effect, so be careful before jumping.

Two uncomfortable people are worth being alone. The possibility of a new adventure in this broken world is wonderful, without touching the repeated stack each character offers. For secret fans, that is essential.

Developer: Rockstar Games

Although it is not limited to platforms, there is no doubt that the best version of Grand Theft Auto V is on the PC. With excellent graphics and more comprehensive editing tools you can modify and create your own set with an amazingly robust Filmeditor component even after the main campaign ends.

Scope and entertainment are almost unlimited, but you can see that this has been posted on the “Best PC Game” list for many years. It is a masterpiece.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk now | 34,99 € | Amazon.com starts at $ 39.99

As of GTA 5, the review was available at £ 44.99.

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